One more thing…

...have I mentioned how stupid Podbean is?

I’m on iTunes! …wait…

So yesterday I went onto the iTunes music store and found my podcast! But because of the supreme stupidity of Podbean, I have to SUBSCRIBE to their dumb website to change the feed URL to a different, less useless site.

For this reason, I have to REMOVE my podcast from the iTunes music store, apologize to the staff 9000 times, polish their shoes for three years and re-submit my podcast with a different, better, podcasting host.


Feed change.

Hello everyone!

Episode 2 has been edited for a while now, but becasue Podbean is stupid and has a 30MB maximum file size, I've changed my feed location. I'm currently working on getting an actual site up and running. Until then, you can listen to the podcasts at:

We’ve changed our name!

That's right... Unfortunately, I could only take so many million takes of "Hello, and welcome to tomfoolery and vociferation" before I went insane. For this reason, I'm proud to announce that we've changed out OFFICIAL name back to our unofficial name: "Erik's Rants".

On another note, thank you all for your patience as I attempt to get Erik's Rants onto iTunes. You'll notice I finished the album art today, so we're well on our way!

Stay tuned... The ever-elusive teen romance rant is on it's way! I expect it'll be up by Friday, so keep checking the feed!


Episode 1 - Internet Abbreviations

After a night of painstaking work, Episode 1 of Tomfoolery and Vociferations is edited and ready to sweep the nation! In this episode, I rant about those annoying internet abbreviations commonly used over IM or in chat rooms(such as: "u", "ur", "2" or "h8").